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Ever need some advice?

Active Web Networks has consulted over hundreds of companies and individuals. Our approach is to help the client understand what his needs are first, then find the easiest and most efficient solution. Our only concern is to see that the clients' needs are met.

As far as our expert consultation goes, we stand ready to assist you in whatever way you need help. As Hosts for your website, you get a staff of experts who can do any kind of design work, technology, OR programming you desire.

We are here to help you in minute ways or in creating your whole site for you. You might want us to take a look at your existing site and appraise it for its professional appearance; a critique. Perhaps you may want to get on the phone with us and discuss some problems you have been having that you do not know how to solve. Maybe you want us to do some of the more technical aspects of designing your website such as a shopping cart or secure online credit applications.

It may be possible you need someone to update your site regularly, or it could be that someone you had working for you did something wrong and now nothing is working and you need an expert to go into your source and figure out what went wrong and fix it. There are many instances a client might need to consult with us regarding their website, and one of the good things about hosting with Active Web Networks is that you will always be able to talk to someone who knows what to do and how to do just what you want.

We seldom charge for friendly talks and advice and having a "look-see," but when consulting becomes time-consuming and technical, when we are teaching you or spending a lot of time searching for what is not working on your site, then our rates are from $35 an hour to $85 an hour, depending on the complexity.

If you would like an estimate on work that you want done, please drop us a line, or call us at: (949) 756-2100, FAX: (949) 756-2122.

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